NAC 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarter Reports 2021

National Response

NAC Annual Report 2016-2017 


NAC Annual Report 2019

NAC Annual Report 2020

A National Communication Strategy for HIVAIDS in Belize

A Rapid assessment of Tuberculosis Treatment Care and Prevention

A Situational Assessment of the National Response to HIVAIDS in Belize

Adjustment and Re-draft of NAC Legislative Review and Proposal

Belize HIV Operational Plan 2012-2014

Belize HIV Strategic Plan 2012 -2016

Costing Belizes National Strategic Plan for HIVAIDS

Draft Workplan Budget RSDU Implementation Phase 2010

Epidemiology Unit Strategic Plan 2009

MESS Final Report


National Tuberculosis Programme Belize

NSP 2012-2016 Executive Summary

NSP 2016-2020

NSP 2020-2025

Planning Costing and Budgeting Framework

Strategic Plan for a Multi-Sectoral National Response to HIVAIDS

Strengthening the National Response to HIVAIDS in Belize


Tourism and HIVAIDS in Belize

United Nations Assistance Development Framework

Policy and Guidelines

National HIV Guidelines 2021

National Public Policy Proposal: Prevention of Youth Involved Violence in Belize 2012-2022 (as it relates to hate crimes against youths from the LGBTQ+ community)

National Youth Development Policy of Belize 2012

Belize Families and Children’s Act 173

Belize Domestic Violence Act 178

Clinical Management Guidelines for HIV

Consultants Final Corrections of POST Consultation Legal Review Report

Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy

EOA Belize Quick Guide_

Prevention Stigma & Discrimination

Baseline Research on Transgender Population

Integrated Services as a Model for SD Reduction

MSM Intimacy and Homophobia in Education

PANCAP Draft SD Policy and Law

Report on SD Among Key Community Groups 2011

SD towards HIVAIDS Public Opinion Survey

SD towards MARPs in C.A 2012

The Impact of SD on Marps Organizations


Corozal KAP Study Report

Reproductive Health and HIV Among Young People

Additional Reports

Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2015-2016

The Mahogany Declaration 2017

UNICEF in Belize: A Belize fit for children

Beyond Barriers Recommendations for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Belize Stigma Index 2019


  1. Belize Youth Policy: and Young LGBT Prospective –
  2. Belize – Adolescent health digest –
  3. Adolescent development and participation –
  4. Belize Medical Associates –
  5. Report and Analysis of HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Belize –
  6. U Report Belize – Read article on how to use the platform ->“Any young person can be part of U-Report Belize. To register on Facebook, search for U-Report Belize, click send a message, and then type the word ‘join’ and send. To register you will then have to respond to six questions. To register via free SMS on Smartphones (free SMS), send the word ‘join’ to #886. You will be sent six questions that you will have to respond to register. Once you register to the platform, you are then able to get polls, chat about the different issues young people are facing and access vital information on preventative care measures. The National Security Council- compromised of members of the Scouts Association, National Committee for Families and Children, Department of Youth Services, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Belize Powerlifting Association, Gateway Youth Center, Youth Apprenticeship Program, Smart and Digi Belize then shares the (data) with partners to influence programs and policy in U-Report Belize believes that after a fulfilling year of progression with the implementation and advocacy of the program it can be reasonably concluded that this empowering tool is of utmost importance to the development of Belize. They state that this is not surprising, as youth from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, including those from racial minority and immigrant families, enjoy fewer meaningful opportunities to develop their skills and be competitive. This is the core reason why U-Report was established in Belize; to reach everyone, to strengthen community-led development and citizen engagement by ensuring that issues of concern are raised, heard and acted upon by decision makers and the community at large. To keep up with the work U-Report is doing in Belize you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram or visit their website at”